By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hiiii my darlings!!! Soooo as you may know, I am relaunching my blog on May 4!!! Yaay!! I can’t wait till you guys see the design! I’m working very hard with an amazing team and I hope you guys love it!! Yesterday actually made my 2 year anniversary for and I can’t believe it! I remember my first year when I finally got 1,000,000 hits for the whole year, and now we’re getting more than that a month! All thanks to you guys! I get a lot of questions about why I blog, and I can’t tell you guys I love hearing your comments on the posts! You guys are honestly my biggest inspiration of all and I love you guys so much, I will never be able to put it into words!

Ok, so for my relaunch, I’m really anxious and hoping so much that you guys will love it! For the relaunch, we will be celebrating with a HUGE relaunch! It will be a whole day of pampering (don’t want to give too much away)!! And of course, no Huda Beauty Party would be complete with a goody bag filled with my favorite products! This years goody bag will have makeup from Dolce & Gabbana, Perfume from Giorgio Armani, my two favorite products from Olay, Pantene Clinic Care Amples, Vaseline Healthy Even Tone (which I love and will tell you guys more about soon), one of my favorite serums from Kerastase, Beauty Blender Sponge, gorgeous nail polishes from NStyle, an awesome product from Bioderma, vouchers from Kaya Skin Clinic, Nstyle and more! It’s serious madness and all the products will be full sized!

For this contest, you can either come to the party or get the goody bag! All you have to do is make a short 1-2 minute video telling me why you love Huda Beauty! You can upload your video to Youtube and send the link to! The winners will have their videos compiled in a video for Huda Beauty! There will be 10 winners!! Good luck my loves!!! <3<3<3<3