By Huda Heidi Kattan

I get a looot of facials, but most of them don’t make my list of awesomely amazing facials that I feel I MUST share with you guys! However, last week I had one that totally did! I wasn’t sure what to expect from the facial, I actually thought it would be kind of like a microdermabrasion, but it was actually more of a purifier! I had the Alpha Beta Facial from Dr. Dennis Gross, which after about 3 days I am starting to see some serious gorgeousness in my skin:) I feel like I don’t need to wear any foundation right now since my skin looks super clear and it just has a radiant glow to it!

I went in because, I heard so many good things about SensAsia Spas, but also because my skin was a little uneven from the sun. As much as I use SPF, my forehead was really getting dark from the unbelievably strong rays here in Dubai and my skin just looked uneven in tone and not healthy.  Immediately when the facial was finished, my skin looked much more even!

Now, I was warned! After you get the facial, you might experience some peeling! It’s definitely NOT one of those pick-up-and-go facials! I was worried since I had a photoshoot the next day, that my skin might look blotchy in the photos, but the therapist, who was extremely knowledgeable told me since I took so much care of my skin, that it would be ok (ask for Yulia, she is amazing). The truth is, my skin glowed for days (it still is on day 4) and it just feels clean! It’s not like a microdermabrasion, it’s kind of more of a detox for your skin. You might notice some impurities coming out in the form of some small blemishes (I had a couple, boooo), but it really is an awesome thing to do for radiant skin! It’s pretty strong and it will tingle, it might even sting, but it is great to do every 6 weeks or so for super healthy skin! Just make sure you have some down time afterwards, 3-4 days should do the trick!

If you aren’t in Dubai, check out the Dr. Dennis Gross on! They have a Alpha Beta Facial Peel, which is not as intense, but still excellent for reducing impurities! You can also purchase these pads in the UAE at SensAsia Spas!!

image credits rawsungoddess