There’s nothing more heartbreaking than having a big pimple pop up in the middle of your forehead the day before a big event. But don’t worry, we have a quick and easy solution, coming fresh out of Korea – acne stickers. Like all K-beauty products, they’re super effective; overnight they’ll conceal and protect your pimple, allowing it to heal, while feeding it acne busting ingredients – our favorite are the pocket-friendly Corsx Acne Patches, $11. Plus, you can even DIY them yourself using blister plaster (hydrocolloid bandages that have moisture absorbing particles) and you’ll make five times the amount, for less than $6.

How Acne Stickers work

Acne stickers are basically an airtight dressing that helps extract, absorb and contain the moisture from your spot, AKA that gross puss. You can even use our DIY acne stickers as a nose strip to break down blackheads. Some also contain other acne busting ingredients like glycolic acid and salicylic acid. Although, the best thing about these stickers is that they work on any form of blemish; whiteheads, blackheads, even cystic acne.

Why Acne Stickers Are The Bomb

Acne stickers are not only a lot more cost-effective than other topical overnight treatments, they deliver results faster. They do this by protecting your pimple from any surrounding dirt and bacteria, as well as UV light which can increase pigmentation and lead to scarring. Plus, they stop you from picking at your pimple, which only aggravates and enlarges it! You can even wear them during the day and apply makeup on top of the sticker, without having to worry about any products irritating your skin. Or, if you prefer the au-naturale look, they’re waterproof so you can splash your face with water throughout the day.

How To DIY Acne Stickers

To DIY your own acne stickers, you just need a hydrocolloid bandage – the easiest hydrocolloid bandages to get hold of are the blister plasters from your local drugstore. Simply cut small circles out of the plaster, making sure they’re big enough to cover the spot comfortably – et Voilà, your very own Acne Sticker. Just remember to cleanse and tone beforehand to avoid sealing in any bacteria lurking on your skin.