By Huda Heidi Kattan

I am sooooooo excited for my sister Mona and her partner Basma Al Fahim! It’s been about a month since their salon has opened, but it officially opened it’s doors last week with a really fun and beautifying launch party! I’ve been dying to see the pictures, but it was such a good turn out! I know it’s my sister so a lot of people think I may be biased, but I’m honestly even pickier since I know my opinion will be taken very seriously! When the salon first opened, I thought they had a lot of room for improvement, but I’ve been so pleased with how much they have really gotten to be pretty amazing and get better every day!

I swear by Rebecca for hair color and style and Kyla and Dolce give the BEST massages ever! Dollhouse Dubai is the first to have so many great things like the biggest caviar, nail art and velvet nail bar in Dubai! As well as spray tanning, hair extensions, and a killer beauty section! I’m really proud of Mona and Basma, it’s such a hip and cutting edge salon in Dubai! I remember when I first used to call her, she asked me if it was ok to sleep in the salon since she would work till 4 am and be back there at 7 am! Mona knows my standards are ridiculously high, but I’m a really proud older sister!

For appointments please call 04 385 4484