By Huda Heidi Kattan


I know I have been sharing my obsession with Biotin (vitamins) forever, but the results have been really amazing for nearly everyone that I have told to use it! The only downer that I get, is that sometimes Biotin can cause acne, which of course is a HUUUGE no no! I tried this scalp serum, not really knowing what to expect, but after only 3 weeks, my hair has really grown SOOOO much thicker! The best thing I noticed was that my scalp became less obvious since my hair became thicker–my hair is not that thick, so if my hair is parted, sometimes my scalp shoes more than I would like, but this reeeally helped.

What I like about this serum is it seems to be water based, so it doesn’t make your scalp greasy. It also feels really light almost gel like, so it doesn’t mess up your do, even if you apply it to styled hair (as long as you apply a little at a time). I am not sure about the exact usage, but I used about 20 drops and massaged it into my scalp for 2 minutes every night, just along the part.

Biotene Scalp Hair Massage Emulsion
Available at most pharmacies in UAE or online
$10.99 prices may vary