By Huda Heidi Kattan


Getting perfect skin head to toe, can seem SOOOO impossible sometimes! I have always felt that when it comes to body care, using the right products is a must! Some products are SO good and making sure your skin is soft, even tones, and clear! I actually bought this body wash for my husband since he is incredibly picky, I thought maybe this one might fly, oh boy did it! The scent is really beautiful, it has a lime scent that is subtle, but still gorgeous! If beautiful smelling skin isn’t enough for you, then I have to say the way this body wash makes your skin look is amazing! It gives you a nice amount of radiane and evens our the skin tone quite a bit! My husband was using it and I really didn’t notice anything on him, but once I started this myself, it was amazing! After just 2-3 weeks I noticed more even and beautiful skin head to toe!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crus Body Wash
Available at Boots & Target
$16 for large container