By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s funny, I always kind of had this image in my head that press on nails were only for young girls or hookers. I NEEEEVER imagined that I would get excited when I see them in drugstores and supermarkets! I used once on the set of a photoshoot where a girl had some really short nails and we wanted to give her gorgeous even nails. I had them in my kit, but never used them. After I put them on her, I was in awe at how gorgeous her hands looked! I was hooked and ever since I love buying them! I’ll be honest, I like using them for emergency situations when I only have 10 seconds for a manicure, but they are AWESOME!

The Impress Nails are amazing some of my favorite press ons! I love how thin they are, which makes them look really natural and stick very well, but I also love their packaging and designs! They have lace, leopard, crackle and the best neon I’ve ever seen! The only issue I have is, I have been trying to grow my nails out and they are a bit on the shorter side, but they are still totally wearable and gorgeous!

Available in UAE in Carrefour, Available in select locations, Available in UK in Boots Pharmacy