By Huda Heidi Kattan

Huda Beauty Drugstore Beauty Bioderma

I finally went to the beach, and of course I want to get a little of color, BUT more than anything I don’t want any skin damage! I literally can’t live without sunblock, but it’s pretty amazing how much of a tan I got using this incredible bronzing spray! Don’t be fooled by it’s high level of protection, this baby gives you an amazing glow! It kind of just brings out this gorgeous bronze tan–but not that fake orange color–that really golden bronzed beautiful tone! It also feels like a light oil that is perfect at the beach! It makes your skin look super hot!

I really didn’t expect this to be that incredible, but my sisters and I were in love with this as soon as we started using it and it’s a beach MUST! I love that it had SPF 50, because it gives you protection, but still gives you that gorgeous glow! In love with this product!

Also available in SPF 30. Available at most pharmacies in the UAE, (US), (UK)