By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey Huda!!

First of all let me start out by saying i am obsessed with your blog! i swear i cant go a day without visiting it! i absolutely love it, you’re doing a great job. Especially since you live in Dubai, i swear i used to always visit Troy Jenson and Mario Dedivanovic’s blogs but then i just stopped cus it started to get very depressing since most of the products they mentioned could not be found in Dubai!!
Anyways, im having a major make-up no no! All my life i’ve been trying to find the right concealer, and i finally found one that i think i really like! however, when i first put it on it looks amazing but as soon as i leave home and look into a mirror i see these awful creases under my eye! its so embarrassing cus at university the lighting inside the classes are extremely fluorescent and i can literally see through my entire skin lol. BUT my eyes look really bad. i swear i tried everything, i tried applying it with my ring finger (in small amounts) with my beauty blender (which btw i only ordered after i saw you using haha) and i tried using bobbi browns moisturizing cream thing for under my eyes, i even tried mac’s line filler. i STILL have the worst creases under my eyes. its so bad. please help. i can’t go to university with lines under my eyes everyday. 🙁

Thank you!!
Love you!!!!!!

Hi darling!!!
I think we may have twins separated at birth! I have the same issue, and it’s terrible! I hate the feeling of thinking that my makeup is creasing anywhere, so if it’s a focal point like the under eye area, that’s definitely annoying! I definitely want to let you know, that there are so many models who have this issue as well and most of the time it has to be photoshopped out if the makeup artist does not know how to cover it! So, we are soooo not alone! 🙂
A Few things:
  1. Try using a primer first, I love the MAC Prep & Prime and if you are able to get it, the Awake from Perfekt is amazing (in clear), it’s available at Sephora in the states and Europe. But one of the best things to do is to try to put something in the area that will plump up the wrinkles, either a good primer that will fill them in, or a collagen plumper or wrinkle reducer (PTR Unwrinkle Eye, I can’t live without this stuff, available at Sisters Salon, Dubai Mall). Or if you’re as bad as me, which I doubt:) I use it all. I use the collegan plumper at night and a bit in the morning, and then I start my makeup by prepping with the primer!
  2. Where skin touches skin, we are likely to produce a bit of oil and even though these wrinkles are tiny, they always produce oil, which creases our makeup! One thing I do, which I love, I use my beauty blender a bit wet. I will probably clean it before I start of just rinse it really well, then squeeze as much water out as possible (without damaging the sponge). Then when I am ready to press everything in, I rub my beauty blender on my powder (I recommend a pressed powder for this), then I just press lightly on the area around my eyes. It might take some getting use to, to make sure you don’t move the makeup too much, but if you use as little concealer as possible, (i.e, just what’s needed, not a ml more!), then it will move less.
  3. Also, if you’re circles are brown, use a pink based concealer, if they are blue, use a orange based concealer, and if they are purple, use a yellow-based concealer. Using the right color, will result in less product needed!
I hope this is helpful darling and I want to thank you soooooooo much for being such a wonderful fan!! And thank you soooo much for your sweet words!!
image courtesy of ouranimelife