By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi Huda!

I don’t know what to do right now:( my skin has been dry and rough for as long as I can remember. I follow your blog and I’ve tried most of your recipes, btw, they have helped alot but my skin still has a few rough patches. My dermatologist told me I should try a chemical peel, but I’m not so sure, can you please help?

Hi darling!!

I just had two questions similar to this, it seems chemical peels are being handed out like candy!

I’m definitely NOT a dermatologist, but I highly recommend avoiding a chemical peel if your skin is rough. Rough skin typically is a result of dry skin and what you really need is to add some moisture back into your skin! Many dermatologist use chemical peels as a cure-all and the truth is, it isn’t. It might make your skin feel better temporarily, but what you really need to do is to cure your skin! Using a chemical peel will only temporarily solve the problem! I recommend seeing a specialists. One of the most specialized medi spas that I have been to in Dubai is Biolite Clinic in Healthcare city. They will look at your skin and tell you exactly what you need! Tell them HudaBeauty sent you and you want a consultation and they will take great care of you! Trust me, it will be much better than getting the standard chemical peel! Also, ask them about how you can add moisture back to your skin! You’ll love it!! My skin glows when I leave that place! 🙂

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