By Huda Heidi Kattan

I think we’ve all dieted at one point in our lives, if not before summer, then before prom or our wedding–there’s always been that one little battle to lose a few extra pounds! Of course soooo many of thee celebrity diet fads sound completely ridiculous! I’m sorry Jennifer Aniston, but seriously baby food diet, gross! And Beyonce, I love you, but the Master Cleanse is only possible if you are a diet robot, which clearly you are! As for the rest of normal sometimes-junk-food-junkies (very rarely of course), it just doesn’t make sense to yoyo that way! Soooo when I heard about the Grapefruit Diet, I thought finally something that I know works and doesn’t seem too hard to follow!

The ever-so-gorgeous-mother-of-two-in-her-40’s Jennifer Lopez never seems to lose her gorgeousness and of course it leaves all of us wondering what she’s doing! I just got an article from an adorable fan who told me that she tried the Grapefruit Diet that Jlo is on and it works wonders! I personally swear by Grapefruits (read the full article here) and I know for a fact it works since it helped me shed POUNDS after I gave birth! Of course you should still eat healthy and work out, and try to keep carbs at night under control, but eating half a grapefruit before breakfast lunch and dinner will boost your weight loss sooooo unbelievably fast, it’s insane!

Of course the results are not permanent, you have to maintain very healthy levels of eating to keep the weight off, but grapefruit is sooo healthy, you can actually do this forever! Just make sure to eat foods high in calcium like Spinach! This is an awesome way to lose weight! I’m heading to grocery store literally right now!