By Huda Heidi Kattan

Heeey My Loves!! Sooo I am soooo sick this weekend, I actually was sick all week, but had so many things that I couldn’t reschedule, so today I’m finally staying in to hopefully recooperate! We had an exciting shoot for the Huda Beauty lashes and I can’t wait to show you the pics! We also did a really beautiful tutorial of Cleoparta, and I will show you guys that too:) For now, I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite DIY’s that I can’t live without!

Make Your Own At Home Plumping Lipstick!

For some reason every girl I talk to, no matter WHAT size her lips always tells me they wouldn’t mind a little more juicening up! Of course I think any size of lips could always use a little natural plumping, Click Here to Read More!

Travel Beauty, Anywhere Body Scrub!

While I was away in Cyprus this weekend one of the things I forgot to pack was a body scrub! I couldn’t believe I forgot a scrub, since I am HUGE on exfoliation, but I thought no problemo! I will just make one! Click Here to Read More!

Antioixdants + Vitamin C = Best Face Mask Ever!!

I absolutely LOOOVE this recipe! Ok, I love Citrus fruits in my face masks since they are super packed full of vitamin C (which is awesome for toning), but berries are amazingly full of antioxidants! Click Here to Read More!