By Huda Heidi Kattan

Heeey Beauties!! I get an insane amount of questions daily on clear skin! It’s definitely one of the pillars to beauty, but, it doesn’t have to be impossible! I’ll be honest my skin is crazy right now and it goes through it’s phases! Sometimes I have horrible huge cystic acne, and other days (like today) I have tons of tiny little zits! If I neglect my skin for even one day, I break out and lately I have just completely passed out! These are definitely my go-to whenever I have breakout issues, and they always seem to work like a charm!


How to Heal and Conceal Breakouts!

The other day I got a comment on my blog where someone asked if I ever breakout. I thought it was hilarious since I was dealing with a mini-situation of..oh I don’t know 3 of the biggest most painful zits ever! Click Here to Read More!


Acne Reducing Face Mask!

I am OBSESSED with cinnamon!! Ok, since I have been in the states, I literally have wiped every store clean of their beauty inventory! I love finding those secret beauty brands no one has heard of that work incredibly well! Click Here to Read More!


Clear Body Bath

Everyone wants to have perfect skin on their face, but what about perfect skin from head to toe? I always say this and I completely mean it, but extreme beautifying sometimes means adding a few things to your daily routine! Click Here to Read More!