By Huda Heidi Kattan

HAAAAAPPY Friday my loves!!!

I’ve already started my Friday pampering ritual, now I’m off for the day! I was thinking, I hope everyone knows how important it is to start taking care of themselves! You honestly cannot reach your maximum beauty potential unless you are healthy and happy, TRUST me, I know this from personal experience! A few years ago, I was so unhealthy, my hair was wrecked from a  bad Keratin treatment and I was soooo out of shape, like go-up-two-stairs-and-hyperventilate out of shape!It doesn’t matter how someone looks, some people may be smaller, but super soft! Some people may be thicker and full of muscle! It’s really about being healthy, taking your vitamins, and trying to put things in your body that will help beautify you! Ok, so having said that, here are some of my favorite super healthy tips that I try (my best) to use every day!! Please try incorporating at least one, if not all (for maximum health and beauty) in your routine, I swear most of them are soooooo easy!! 🙂 and you’ll love the results!

One of the Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets!

Celebrities every where know just how to look and feel their best! Ever notice a before and after photo of a celeb? They look like regular people before, and that after–VAVOOM!!! They’re not necessarily genetically blessed, there’s a science (an easy one) to how they look so darn good! Click Here to Read How To Get the Most Beautiful You, this one’s SUPER Important!

The Mot Beautiful Berry Ever!!

When it comes to my weekly stops at the grocery store, I spend more time in the beauty and natural foods section, then anywhere else! And I don’t care what anyone says, I have found tremendous improvements in my skin and hair from adding and removing just a few things in my diet! Recently, I Check out One of The Best Ways to Add Strength and Beauty To Your Diet!

Why You MUST Start Drinking Green Tea Today!

Ever think sipping on something could actually make you more gorgeous inside out? I think we’ve all heard that green tea is a better alternative to coffee, but do we really know why? Click Here to Read Why Green Tea is SUPER Beautifying!