By Huda Heidi Kattan

When I became a mommy, I realized how hard it is to look fresh and awake all the time–especially with the lack of sleep! I have found ways to at least fake a just-slept-8-hours-and-feel-amazing kind of look! Here are some of my favorite tips for keeping your eyes gorgeously awake!

Super Cool De-Puff Eye Mask!

I’ve never been a huge sleeper! I’m one of those people who sleep 5 hours a night and are good to go, but ever since I became a mom, I feel like I’m a zombie! I honestly could  Click Here To Read About An Awesome Eye Mask that will Help You Look Awake!

5 Ways to Banish Puffy Eyes FAST!

If you’ve been following all my recent posts, then you know sleep is something of a distant memory to me! I think all mommy’s can relate (first 3 months are TOUGH!). So as much as I haven’t had the chance to focus on myself right now, keeping my eyes de-puffed makes a huge difference in keeping me at least partially looking alive! Click Here To Read Some of My Favorite Tips For Super Fresh Eyes

Dark Circles Eraser?

Dark circles are such a huge beauty issue that there is literally thousands of beauty products out there to help banish, diminish or hide dark circles from underneath our eyes! While we could spend hundreds of dollars trying to reduce them in all sorts of ways, sometimes all we need to do is step into our kitchen! Click Here For Tips on How to Boot Dark Circles!