By Huda Heidi Kattan

Whenever I read on the beauty benefits of coconuts, I honestly wish I could just move to deserted island somewhere and eat, drink, and bathe in coconuts! They are INSANELY full of beautifying oils, waters, minerals and vitamins that make the one of natures ultimate beautifiers! I couldn’t just pick three of my favs today, so I had to post four! Enjoy my darlings!!! Xx

No More Hair Loss!

One of the most common questions I get in my inbox involves hair loss. It happens so easily, with the too much stress, hormone changes, harsh water and poor diets. It seems almost everyone wants to know how they can keep their hair Click Here to Learn How to Make An Awesome Hair Loss Mask!

Miranda’s Beauty Secret

Whether or not you were born with model-good-looks, it never hurts to add another beauty tip to your already vast (hopefully if you’re following this blog!) amount of beauty knowledge! This one comes from Aussie princess, Miranda Kerr. You might find her adorableness something that comes naturally, but if you’ve taken a good look at her skin and hair, you can see the health in them! What’s Miranda’s secret? Click Here to Read How to Stay in Gorgeous Shape like Miranda! 🙂

Celebrity Beauty Drink!

Ok, you guys SERIOUSLY need to try this! I recently did a post on how to stay hydrated during Ramadan and I recommended coconut water as a great way to hydrate. I started getting questions about the benefits and let me tell you, THIS IS A BEAUTY DRINK! Click Here to Read Why Coconut Water is a Serious Beauty Drink!

Coconut Massage!

It sucks to lose your hair, especially if you just had a baby! I’m not going to lie, I was loooving the fact that my hair stopped falling out while I was pregnant (very common due to the excess blood in your body), but now it is starting it’s journey back on to my pillow, shoulders, and anywhere else except NOT on my head:( Click Here To Find Out How to Stop Hair Fall!