By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my loves!!!! Haaaaappy FRIDAY!!! I always love Fridays because in Dubai, they are the first day of the weekend (I know in the states and Europe it starts on Saturday, but in Dubai it starts on Friday)! So for me, it’salways a day of R & R! 🙂 If you’re hanging out at home or going out today, make sure you guys try adding some contour to your look! Contouring is SOOOOOO important! It doesn’t have to be heavy! It can be done lightly, but trust me it makes a world of a difference! 🙂 If you’ve seen these vids before, watch them again! Sometimes it’s a good idea to watch them again after a while!

Jaw-Dropping Gorgeous!

How to Slim Your Face!

How to Fake a Nose Job!

Some of my Favorite products to use for contouring are Benefits Hoola Bronzer (for face), Omega Eyeshadow from MAC (for nose), Tom Ford’s Highlighting and Contouring Duo for Highlighting or Benefits Watt’s Up Highlighter! Happy Contouring!! <3<3<3