By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hair is SUCH a funny thing! As much as I have tried every product I could get my hands on, I know hair is soooo tricky! It is affected by everything in our environment and our lifestyle! You get stressed, your hair falls, you go out when it’s humid and you puff up–it’s just always different and it totally has a mind of it’s own, hence why we have bad hair days! Although hair can be difficult, it’s not impossible! It just takes extra love and care! Here are a few of my favorite tips for gorgeous hair! 🙂

How to Shampoo Your Hair the RIGHT Way!

When it comes to beauty, hair is one of the most complicated things (along with skin). Perfect hair is all about tweaking small things that are specifically good for your hair. It all starts with shampooing your hair correctly, giving you the perfect base to start with! Click Here to Read How I Get Perfect Hair, Starting with the Way You Wash!

Hair Fall Pill?

Hair fall and thinning hair or just thin hair is one of the most common problems I get emailed about and believe me, I’ve experienced everything when it comes to hair fall! Stress, climate changes, water changes, diet changes, all of these have causes SIGNIFICANT hair loss Click Here to Read About One of My Favorite Super Easy Ways to Healthy Hair And STOP the Fall!

Hot Oil Hottie

We all want it. Healthy, gorgeous, show-stopping hair that moves in super slow motion. Let’s be honest, hair like that is gorgeously healthy and only happens after years of TLC, right? Not really. I have been through everything with beauty, and over processing and styling my hair is definitely one of the Click Here To Read About one of My Favorite Instant Hot Oil Treatments, SUPER Easy to Do!