By Huda Heidi Kattan

SUPER Happy Friday everyone!!! My trip is almost over and I’m actually heading back to Dubai next week! It’s been such a great trip, but I’m ready to get home and blog! I know it sounds crazy, but I really get so happy when you guys tell me certain tips help you! I have gotten so many responses about some in particular! Here are a few favs for skin that everyone can use!! Xxx


Flush Impurities, Look Awake, and Get that Glow!!

I am not a closet natural tips junkie! When I try a tip, I run to my sisters, friends and of course all of you gorgeous girls (and guys who have confessed to following my blog). So lately, I have Click Here to Read More


Say “Goodbye” to Concealer Wrinkles!

Hey Huda,
Must say LOVE your blog and could swear by every word you say, just wanted to ask that I’m 20 years old I’m noticing wrinkles under my eyes and they tend to appear more when i cover them with concealer cuz i have black bags under my eyes Click Here to Read More

Basic Body Scrub For Amazingly Soft Skin!

Natural recipes are obviously something that I love to do so much, but sometimes I feel they can get a little complicated! Today, I wanted to start my morning off with a scrub and instead of getting super fancy, I decided to use the basics! Click Here to Read More!