By Huda Heidi Kattan


HAAAAAPPY Friday All You Gorgeous People Out there! Sooo for this Friday I thought I would do something that I am constantly asked for… a Dupe list! A Dupe List essentially means products are really similar to expensive products, but just as good! Of course, I have found TONS so here are some of my favs!


Bobbi Brown Vs. Maybelline Gel Liner

Watch this video to see which one is really better! Click Here to Watch the Video!


Dupe Alert! MAC vs. Revlon Matte Lipsticks!


I’m not the biggest MAC girl! I love their collections because they really are so much fun, but to me MAC is nothing overly spectacular when it comes to quality. They definitely have some stand out pieces, some of those being their lipsticks! Click Here for More!



MAC Liquid Eyelner Vs. Revlon Liquid Eye Liner

I remember hearing in school that the manufacturers for MAC basically take one product and stick a MAC sticker on it and another and stick a less expensive sticker on that one! Pretty crazy, but if you try the products, then you would know sometimes you do pay more just for the label! I actually haven’t done a Dupe on this one yet, but I after trying them, not only do they look the exact same, but the formula, wearability, and applicator is %100 the EXACT same! I will definitely do more dupes for you guys since this is something I am getting asked for so much! Let me know if you guys want to see more!