By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s that time again! Friday, my day where I pick my favorite tips, just in case you missed them!! Here are my favorite scrubs that I use as often as I can!! 🙂 Enjoy my darlings!! Love you guys soooo much and have an awesome Friday!! Xxx

At Home Microdermabrasion

If you’ve ever tried a dermabrasion for your skin, chances are your skin is baby soft and probably less wrinkled than most women and men out there! Dermabrasion is great for your skin because it helps increase the blood flow and remove dead skin cells, which results in beautifully soft, radiant skin! Click here to Read About My Quick Fix Scrub!

Gentle Summer Scrub

I got a request the other day for a gentle face scrub. My honest opinion, I am a huge fan of home made face scrubs (you would never know, right!). This is a great recipe that is perfect for summer! It uses tomatoes which have alphahydroxy acid, which is great for revealing new radiant skin.  It is very gentle but rids your face of any dead skin cells! Also great for pigmentation! Click Here for My Ultimate Radiant Scrub!

Delicious Cellulite Scrub!

My older sister, Alya was the one who introduced me to natural remedies when I was about the age nine, but my younger sister, Mona, never really believed me that the natural recipes I post about work the same way manufactured products did. So, after trying a few of my recipes for hair mask and body scrubs, she became insanely addicted. Click Here to Read About My Favorite  Cellulite, Skin-Softening Scrub!