By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s Friday guys!! Yaaaay!! 🙂 It’s my lazy day, pamper-myself-and-run-my-errands-day! For those of you who have it off, I hope you enjoy these tips! For everyone who is working, we love you for kicking butt:) Enjoy these tips when you get home! 🙂 Love you all, Happy Friday!!! XXxx

Toss Your Pumice Stone!

Getting soft feet can be challenge, especially if you constantly wear 5 inch designer heels! No one knows more how hard this can be, than models who make it their job to stomp down runways wearing some of the most outrageous shoes known to man. But so many of them have some of the softest feet! How? Click Here to Read How To Get Super Soft Feet In a Jiffy! 🙂 Does anyone actually use the word jiffy or is only me?

How to Deal with BACKNE!!

I don’t care where you get it–if it’s in the middle of your face or on the small of your back, acne sucks! Which is why I felt compelled to talk about backne! Backne is an extremely common problem, most people Click Here to Find Out How to Get Rid of Backne, The Easy Way!

Beauty Secret of the 60′s–Razor Face?

When it comes to beauty, I can say without absolutely any hesitation that the 60′s were my ultimate fav! I just love the super long and slightly clumpy lashes, flushed cheeks, elongated liner, thick brows and super feminine and body-full hair. It’s just super girly, yet extremely sophisticated and slightly playful! One thing I had no idea about and to be honest, I am definitely still skeptical, is Click Here to Read How to Get Soft Skin like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe