By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my loves! So my trip is almost over in Cyprus and I’m anxious to get back and share some really exciting things with you guys! I will be posting later today some of my favorite products I brought with me for makeup and later I will do hair and skin! For now, enjoy these awesome easy recipes for gorgeous thick and beautiful hair!

Say “Aloe” to Longer Hair!

It doesn’t matter what your industry is, we are constantly learning new things! The other day, I was amazed at how Click Here to Read More About How to Get Gorgeous, thicker Hair with Aloe

Volumizing Hair Mask

Flat hair sucks! Nothing is worse than finding a picture of your self where your hair seems to be completely stuck to your forehead! But, hey it happens to us all! Click Here to Find Out What Two Ingredients Make Super Big Hair That Screams Hot!

Feed Your Hair!

I never realized how incredibly healthy Vitamin A is for your hair, but when I added it to some of my favorite at home recipes, I discovered an awesome little secret! Click Here to Find Out How Vitamin A Can Help Hair Growth!