By Huda Heidi Kattan

I hear girls tell me this all the time, no matter how healthy they know something is, they won’t actually start doing it until they know it’s beautifying. Well, I PROMISE you that these foods are super beautifying! Not only that, but adding them to your diet is super easy! Check out some of my favorite ways to beautify while you eat!

Easy Way to A More Beautiful You!

My hubby is impossible! No matter how much I try to tell him he needs to keep his skin hydrated, he just will NOT let me put any creams on his face! Sooo I was able to change his diet and WOW, what a difference! A few things I did was Click Here to Read About My Favorite Beautifying Breakfast!

Go Greek!

I remember the days my personal trainer would try to convince me to add Greek Yogurt to everything–add it to oatmeal, tacos, rice, everything! So I might have not got the complete benefits at first, but now I am obsessed with Greek Yogurt! What makes it better than regular yogurt? Click Here to Read Why Greek Yogurt is AhhhMAZING!

Why Cinnamon is Kick Ass!!
Oh in life there are some foods that almost everyone loves, cinnamon is one of those delicious flavors! However, cinnamon, unlike foods like milk chocolate, is actually really good for you, like really good for you! Click Here to Find Out How to Become More Beautiful with Cinnamon!