By Huda Heidi Kattan

I know many people think Valentine’s Day is a cheesy Hallmark holiday and I always hear the, “I should be loved everyday, not just one day” and I totally agree! Your love with someone should be celebrated everyday, but what about if you are single or away from your loved one? Well, long before I met my husband I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day to indulge in bubble baths, face masks, and any other beautifying that I needed! Why not spend a day pampering yourself, you sooooo deserve it!!

Here’s my Vday Agenda when I can’t celebrate with my hubby:

  • First of all, you MUST take a “Me” day! Decide to take it and do everything that makes you happy!
  • Spend an hour getting ready (more if possible) look super glamorous, wear something that makes you feel fabulous + your favorite perfume
  • Go out with your BFF/girlfriends for a healthy/delicious lunch and make sure you pass by the mall when you finish!
  • Buy yourself a gift! I don’t care what anyone thinks, I love buying myself gifts around holidays or when I’ve achieved a goal!
  • Hit the Spa! Make sure you get a massage or take a relaxing bath and take your time, read a book, enjoy your down time!
  • Try an at home treatment that you’ve been wanting to try! (check out my face masks on the site in the search bar)
  • Watch a movie, funny movie always make me happy! I love Wedding Crashes, 50 First Dates, Anchorman, and any movie that has a hilarious script!
  • Remember to set the mood before you sleep! I have been notorious in my family for going all out when it comes to sleep (probably because I’m a super light sleeper)! I spray the entire room with chamomile, I make sure the temperature is perfect, then I love to fall asleep to thunderstorms! If you have the iPhone, there’s an App called Sleep Machine that let’s you mix the perfect sleep tone. I put that on m Bose speakers and it seriously sounds like you are sleeping through a storm! It seriously works! My sister sat on my bed for 10 minutes the other day, I played that for her and she passed out and would not wake up for 2 hours!


I love you guys sooo much!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!