By Huda Heidi Kattan

To me, nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is a mom or mom-to-be.  It is without doubt the most respectable job in the world, and call me sappy, but every time I witness childbirth, I cry like a two year old. My mother can attest to this, I treat her like the queen she is!  But as beautiful as pregnant woman may be, child birth can really take its toll on your body and appearance. Here are some great beauty tips for any expecting mothers! Please forward this to all of them, to help brighten their day with these helpful beauty tips from

I love this quote from Bobbi Brown: “For many women, pregnancy is a time when their bodies do not feel like their own. Make-up can be used as a tool to feel pretty and in control. In fact, one of the biggest beauty mistakes pregnant women can make is opting out of make-up altogether.”

  1. Moisturize: It’s important to switch to natural moisturizers when pregnant and also make sure to use one that adjust to your skin changes.
  2. Exfoliate: When women become pregnant, they may experience excessive dry or oily skin. Getting a great moisturizer is essential, but it’s important to start with exfoliating regularly to maintain healthy looking skin.
  3. Treat: One of the best treatments I have done since starting this blog was using the yogurt face mask, it’s great for regulating your skin.
  4. Simplify: One of the biggest mistakes many pregnant women make is applying too much makeup while pregnant. It’s important to limit your makeup while pregnant. Bobbi Brown, recommends wearing concealer, blush, mascara and lipgloss for achieving an overall beautiful and natural look.
  5. Relax: Make sure you take great care of yourself during the pregnancy by getting regular massages and meditating as well. Any stresses can cause stress to the baby, so it’s important to take it easy while pregnant and focus on being a great mother.

image credits hubpages