By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey guys!! So we have A LOT of pics from the event, and (which is a site I am seriously crushing right now) just posted about the event and I actually loved the photos so much, I had to go ahead and post some from their site! How adorable are those Kitsch Cupcakes?!! And I love the photos of the jars from the party—we made some homemade body scrubs!! It was so nice to have the gorgeous girls from Lovestyle attend! We had some awesome contest at the event as well!! Here are the winners and some awesome photos!!!! Special Thanks to ValleyDez in Wafi, which dressed me and my sisters! Ok, you guys MUST go there!! Seriously! The place has something for everyone! It’s one of my new favorite boutiques!

Congratulations to Pascale Abdolnour who won a weekend at a hotel with a Maserati to drive for the whole weekend!

Congratulations to Sofia Tosounidou who won a makeover with me and photoshoot with Capital D Studios!

Congratulations to Sogol Sabihi, Shatha Ahmed, and Shamim Kassibawi who won a Braun Silk.epil 7 Dual Epilator!

Congratulations to Sherry Tenorio, Catherine Tracey, Nadine Dutoit, Natalya Kulyadina, and Sondos Al Ali who all won a day pass at the Dubai Ladies Club and access to their beach and facilities!

We worked really hard on the goody bags, so I hope everyone l0ved them!! They had makeup from Dolce & Gabbana, Benefit, Face and Eye Cream from Olay, Pantene Clinic Care Conditioner set, Calvin Klein Beauty Fragrance Lotion and Body Wash, Gift Certificates to Biolite Skin Clinic, Sensasia Spa, Hush Salon, Nail Moda, and of course, a beauty blender set! 🙂

All the prizes have been chosen so carefully and are only things that I absolutely love and companies that I have the absolute most respect for! So I hope you all enjoy all of the prizes!! CONGRATS!!!!

image credits lovestyle