By Huda Heidi Kattan

Do I like to make a statement? Heck yeah! And one of those statements is being with the latest trends! Growing up in a small city in Tennessee, I still always wanted to know the latest trends to come out of Paris and New York. Things haven’t changed too much! With winter being just around the corner, here are some of my favorite hair trends to start wearing now and through the cold!

(above: Ombre Hair, perfect to soften features and keep hair looking super trendy! This look has been made famous by celebrities including Drew Berrymore and Rachel Bilson! Perfect for any women who loves highlights in the summer and wants to stay trendy)

Luscious Soft Curls look great on nearly face shape and seem to suit every women, no matter how her features are set. Super feminine and classy, this look is a great day look that looks well put together and chic!

Side swept bangs are perfect for women who have larger features and want may not be able to rock blunt bangs! This is a great way to make bangs work, while softening your features!

Sleek Strands are super sultry and make the great winter companion! They say winter in a very haute way! I love how simplistic they are and since winter can be very dry, it’s a great time to skip a wash if possible and opt for a dry shampoo!

Fiery Red Locks, Christina Hendricks has literally made red hair the hottest thing on the planet! Yes, she’s super seductive, but aside from a killer curvy figure, her red hair is super bold and simply unforgettable! It really makes her stand out!

Blunt Bobs are super classic and mod, but also hard to pull off. Blunt bangs seem to put focus on the face and draw attention to features like a large nose, etc.

image credits zimbio