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Insta Glossary: Mewy


A makeup look achieved with the perfect combo of dewy and matte finishes to bring radiance to the skin. Imagine you applied a mattifying primer to your T-Zone and a hydrating primer everywhere else – the result would be SO mewy!


Person 1: “Girl, your skin is looking so lit today; like you’re not too shiny and not too matte”
Person 2: “Thanks babe! I call it mewy, like matte and dewy”

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Insta Glossary: Gucci


We’re not talking about one of our fav fashion brands! Nope, Gucci is essentially the new way to say good, because naturally, if there’s any kinda Gucci around, it’s not a bad thing – right? You can use it to refer to anything that’s good or cool, or you can even just ask, “what’s Gucci?” like “what’s good?” – there’s even a song called What’s Gucci featuring Chris Brown!

Example: “Hey girl, how you doing?”

“It’s all Gucci babe!”

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Insta Glossary: Okuuuurrrrrr


A term popularized by Khloe Kardashian but created by the drag community back in 2010, it’s used to add a boujee, sassy touch to any sentence. Just make sure you roll those rrrrs for some extra sauce. When someone acts like an absolute bawse? Okuuuuur. When someone throws some serious shade? Okuuuuur. Or when you’re just slaying at life. Okuuuur. You can use it in any way you want to, so get creative guys.

Example 1: Your friend walks into a bar and her outfit is next level. So you say “Okuuuuur, girl you look stunning.”

Example 2: “He told me I was beautiful and I was like Okuuuuuur. I know.”

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Insta Glossary: High Key

High Key/hi•ki/

High key is the opposite of low-key, so when you’re totally crushing over something and you just have to express how psyched you are. Instead, you give it the hype it deserves by using ‘high key’, just like the word mega or really.

Example 1: “I high key need that highlighter in my life right now.”

Example 2: “I low key want to be healthy but I’m high key craving donuts.”

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Insta Glossary: Kira Kira

KiraKira/kee•ra kee•ra/

Sparkling like you’re from outer space is now totally possible, anytime, anywhere. KiraKira is the latest app we’re obsessed with – it’ll take your boujee outfit to boujee af instantly – and if you’ve seen those beautifully glistening videos all over your feed, you have this app to thank. The Japanese app magnifies the sparkle of just about anything. So, next time your friend asks if she can KiraKira your new diamante earrings, you’ll know what she means.


Person 1: “Let’s snap our outfits!”
Person 2: “Only if you KiraKira it”.

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Insta Glossary: Thirsty


Kinda similar to the normal definition of thirsty, the insta meaning is just a little more ruthless, so instead of being thirsty for a glass of water, you would be thirsty for attention or more followers. It’s a term given to someone who is desperate or really eager for something.

Example: “That girl is thirsty for that new highlighter, she’s been camped outside Sephora for days!”

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Insta Glossary: Ghosting


A term used to describe a person suddenly “disappearing” on you! Like when you just met a new person on a dating site, then you messaged, then you met, you totally vibed – i.e you imagined backpacking across South America with them and named your kids – then they just vanished!

Example 1: “Since we met the other night, he’s just completely ghosted me.

Example 2: “He was such a wierdo, I’m just ghosting him and I hope he gets the hint.

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Insta Glossary: Shade


By shade, we do not mean the opposite of highlight. Shade is a term for being harsh or disrespectful about someone, or giving someone attitude. Shade can also be used to describe a particularly heated argument or event.

Example 1: When two celebs are having a Twitter war, you’d say:
“Did y’all see that shade on Twitter yesterday?”

Example 2: When your friend looks your outfit up and down and disses your new shoes.
“Girl, why you throwing shade at me?”

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Insta Glossary: Come Through

Come Through/kum·thrrruu

When you’re positively surprised or caught off guard by something majorly impressive. Like when a particular aspect of your makeup is popping, or your friend has gone above and beyond for you.

Example 1: When you’re applying highlighter and it’s blinding AF, you’ll say to yourself:  “Come through highlighter!”

Example 2: When your friend manages to get you the last pair of heels in your size, you’d say: “Come through, Helen! You saved my life.”

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