By Huda Heidi Kattan

Maybe it’s a mommy thing (although something is telling me Beyonce has plenty of baby sitters around), but Sasha Fierce has been working that top-knot like there is no tomorrow! Personally, I love her new bangs and the extremely high bun, but this no ordinary top-knot, it’s rather unique! Instead of looking like a sock bun, messy bun, super done-up bun, and even sometimes a-small-planet-orbiting-my-head-bun, this one looks like a very small ball–it’s actually quite shapely! It’s super neat and instead of being a lump of hair on top, it’s literally a ball! Some trend reports are saying this is the next big thing, but is it really?

I like it, but I could do without it being so ball-like! I kind of like it looking like it’s a part of my head, not like something that could have been pinned on. Although, I will say her bangs are INSANELY gorgeous on her! What do you guys think?