By Huda Heidi Kattan


Ok, so I know it’s lash overload, but I can’t tell you guys how much I love them, so I can only express it through posts! Don’t worry, there will be plenty of beauty on here as well, but also TONS of Lashes for the next few days!! As you guys may know now, our launch is in Sephora in Dubai Mall and the lashes will be available from Feb 16, but the party which is open to EVERYONE is Feb 20! I am getting a ton of emails about this, so hopefully everyone will know when to come:))

I can’t wait to meet you guys! I am going to try to pick out the best lashes for every one of you at the party!

Here I am wearing a TON of Alyssa lashes, which are really natural! You can pile these babies on! I named them after my super sweet sister Alya who loves everything NATURAAAL! She hates looking like she’s wearing makeup, and these are always her go to lashes! She wears them light, but I love to wear them really heavy! In the ad campaign (the little image on the top of the blog), I am wearing the Alyssa lashes with the Monique lashes:)

I love the Alyssa #2 because it has three different sizes of flare lashes, plus one thin lash, I wear these on my bottom lashes all the time and the fact that they have different sizes mean they look ULTRA natural! I wear the smaller ones in the inner corners of my eyes, and increase the size as I go out!