By Huda Heidi Kattan

So I love the fact that fashion bloggers have ‘look of the day’  or ‘street fashion’ pics. They’re just plain awesome, and since I have gotten requests for more pics of me, this part of my blog will be something similar to these concepts. Enjoy!

I happen to be a semi-private person. My wedding, for example, only had 35 guests (including my family), but it was pretty fancy and intimate, which is completely much my style. I guess this makes perfect sense of why I usually celebrate my birthday with one of two friends and family.   This year, I did the same thing and went to dinner with my hubby and sisters and just a couple of friends! It was small, but sweet–just my style!

My look for my birthday was actually done really quickly! I dyed my hair earlier that day (I always dye my hair at home) for an all over color that is just a tad darker and dramatic than my usual do. Since I ended up styling my hair myself, I ran out of time so had to rush my makeup! Whenever I don’t have too much time to spend on makeup, despite focusing on my eyes, I concentrate on getting a perfectly sculpted face! I pretty much threw an eyeshadow on, and some heavy liner with two sets of lashes!

I love the fact that the i’s are dotted with hearts <3

I played Papparazzi and took some photos of myself!

Yum!! Kitsch Cupcakes!! I die!!

All done and ready to go home! Had an amazing time!