By Huda Heidi Kattan

I think I can speak for most women when I say stomach fat is the HARDEST to get rid of! I’m constantly looking for ways to lose fat anywhere, but if I can get rid of belly jelly, I am 100% in! My mom is a Dr. Oz fanatic, so she calls me literally every day asking me to watch it when it comes on (she’s really cute)!

Sooo are you ready to know the magic drink that Dr. Oz swears that White Tea literally melts away belly fat! It helps metabolize your fat and also helps keep you from storing fat from foods! It’s ability to burn fat is actually so strong that it has been rated one of the most powerful drinks to lose weight! Drinking two cups per day is really all you need and the affects are incredible! Tea Party anyone? I am so trying this NOW!

Hi my Loves! Sorry I didn’t include it above! The effect of blogging while entertaining my daughter! It’s White Tea! :)) PS I love you guys!!