By Huda Heidi Kattan

I am absolutely inloooooove with Dior’s Nail Varnishes! Ok, I’m actually posting two collections, but they are both so yummy, I had to post both of them now! I’ve been using this the past few days for shoots, fashion shows, etc and literally everyone on set wants to use them while I’m there! The reaction I’ve been getting, is pretty insane! The Green and Purple are actually out right now, and they both look stunning on every skin tone! The other four (Plaza, Lucky, Incognito, and Riviera) might sound familiar! They are actually from the same collection as the Dior Addict Extreme Lipsticks and will be launching with them soon! The nail polishes are awesome quality and last super long without chipping! I also like the fact that they dry really fast, which helps me since I’m always between baby and blogging! I’m honestly in love with every single one of these shades, which usually I like one or two max out of a collection! This one, I love every single one! This has to be one of my favorite collections all-in-all ever created! 🙂

I know it seems like I might have posted everything from my trip in Paris, but I did want to share some more things, more to come!! 🙂