By Huda Heidi Kattan

In case you’re wondering why I have a super cheesy grin on my face in this picture, it’s because I got to meet and interview world reknown makeup artist, Gucci Westman today. Everything about her is really amazing. After landing numerous covers for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Vanity Fair (to name a few) and working with clients from Madonna, Christy Turlington, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Lady GaGa, and many more, it was amazing to see how incredibly sweet and down to earth she was! In fact, when I met her, she kept complimenting me on my work. I was thinking My Work! You’re Gucci Westman! She wouldn’t take a compliment with saying thank you and watching her do makeup was amazing! Her technique was flawless! Here are some of the questions I got to ask her!

HudaBeauty: How long have you been doing makeup and what got you into it?

Gucci Westman: I have been doing makeup for around 15 years and the real reason why I got into makeup was because I wasn’t allowed to use it. It just made it more interesting to me.

HB: I loved the makeup you did for Oscar De La Renta this year at NYFW, you are constantly backstage at Fashion Weeks all over the world, what was your take on the shows this year with regard to beauty?

GW: Thank you very much. I had such a great time and it was such a wonderful experience working in New York Fashion Week, as well as London Fashion Week. The colors were so exciting this season. Everything was just colorful, brights lips, colorful eyes, fun hair. It was just a really great experience creating these looks and working with an amazing team to make sure the models were ready for the runway. For Oscar’s show, I used the Revlon Luxurious Eye Shadow in Venetian Blue as well as the teal from one of the Shadow Quads that will be released this season.  I will be heading to Paris soon to do Paris Fashion Week and I can’t wait to work on some very exciting looks for the shows there.

HB: You are now the Global Artistic Director for Revlon, what is your take on the brand?

GW: The brand is one that I have loved since I was young and it really is such a great brand.  My celebrity clients all really love the brand and use it on a regular basis. Recently, Cameron Diaz called me for a box of the Grow Luscious Mascara. Most of my clients also love the PhotoReady Foundation from Revlon because it stays on them throughout an entire evening and the technology behind the formula is perfect for photographs–it’s basically the perfect foundation for the red carpet

HB: Which celebrities have you worked with that you really enjoyed doing their makeup?

GW: I really enjoy everyone I work with, they all have something special about each and everyone of them.  I would say as far as one of my favorite photo shoots, I really loved working with Christy Turlington for the cover or Vanity Fair. It was a very classic makeup look and she was perfect for the look, we really had a great time and the photos came out beautifully

HB: Your recent cover for Harper’s Bazaar and Jennifer Aniston was stunning! Did you use Revlon products for this shoot?

GW: I did! I actually used the shadow quad “Silver Fox” to create the look, as well as the PhotoReady foundation, Grow Lucsious Mascara, etc. I think it’s important to recognize that Revlon really is quality product. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a great product. Especially now that people have become more conscious about what they spend on, it’s important to know that Revlon has invested so much into creating a luxury product at a very reasonable price.

HB: Where do you want to take Revlon as a brand?

GW: I really want to take it where Tom Ford took Gucci. I really admire what he did for the company and I am very much ready to do this for Revlon. They have hired an all-star team, with Mario Testino as well as some very creative individuals who have created luxury packaging for the brand. It has been awesome working with this team and I feel we will really take Revlon to new level–we have the quality, color trend, talent, vision, etc. All the ingredients are there and we are right on track!

We have no doubt you will do that! We love you Gucci! I have loved Revlon since I was little, so we know we will see more from this double team and I can’t wait!

Makeup by Gucci Westman, Jennifer Garnier for W Magazine 2010

Oscar De La Renta S/S RTW 2011

Gucci looks like a model here! Backstage at Rag & Bone

image credits teenvogue, style, wmag