By Huda Heidi Kattan

I know I’ve said it before, but I am extremely picky when it comes to beauty and when it comes to spas you can multiply the pickiness a hundred-folds! Part of the reason why I am super careful with what I write about spas is because it’s not only the treatment that matters, it’s the entire experience–for me that includes the place, the cleanliness, the staff, the bed, the aroma, my technician, the products, the technology and know how of the people there, the list goes on! When it comes to facials, one of my favorite places that literally gave me skin I felt more confident in almost instantly is Biolite Skin Clinic. I have to say, I was very impressed after going there! I went in to the clinic with makeup on and left without any on and my skin looked better afterward! It looked lighter, brighter, clean, and simply gorgeous! Any type of flaws including acne scars, etc, looked like they had literally been erased (they were relatively new, but they were almost gone), very impressive!

I think the two things I like the most about the spa is that fact that the owner, Mona–who has AMAZING skin, really loves what she does! She understands skin and has been studying it forever! I felt she was one of those women you could go to with terrible skin and she could just heal you! I sat down with her for an hour before my treatment just asking her questions, and she left me stunned at how much she knew about skin, she was kind of like a skin doctor!

The other thing which I think is very cool is the fact that they use some of the latest celebrity treatments for skin. It’s actually a medi-spa, so you can get almost anything done and that means anything that is in Hollywood, is there! I actually tried a Microdermabrasion with extraction (which was the best one I’ve had to date, my sisters have been dying to go there after seeing my skin) and a placenta facial. I know that sounds gross, but I am a guinea pig with products, I will try most things and this one was definitely worth it! My skin which had become dry and acne prone after being pregnant, was flawless and super hydrated! I’m actually kind of addicted to the way it made my skin look! Love it! I HIGHLY recommend getting a facial there!

Biolite Skin Clinic is located in Healthcare City in Dubai

image credits beautywithfashion