By Huda Heidi Kattan

As much as I would like to pretend that I was blessed with perfect pearly whites, that is just NOT the case! I am thankful for my teeth, but I work very hard on making sure I use the absolute best products available to make sure they are super white and straight (Yes that means I sleep with a retainer)! Luckily for everyone out there, someone has brought a seriously kick ass product to Dubai! This new product has been around in Hollywood for quite some time and celebs swear by it!

Here’s the deal, I have tried it all when it comes to home remedies for whitening, Zoom, at home kits and strips, whitening tooth paste, literally EVERYTHING!! Some deliver and of course, some disappoint! However, I am soooo loving this new line available here and everyone I have recommended to try this, has told me they are so happy with the results!! As always before I do my reviews, I give products a good 2-6 weeks to really see a difference!  I have tried this product for almost 2 months now and I am beyond happy with it! I HIGHLY recommend this entire line! It’s definitely one of my favs and this is how I have been able to keep my teeth whiter than ever!!

I LOVE the White Ice kit (which is what I am using now)! It’s kind of strange. It’s like a lipstick you rub on your teeth and then you use a little finger glove (comes in the kit) and rub it on your teeth. I swear this gives you instant brightness and is perfect if you have done whitening in the past and just want a little bright boost! I use it right before my events or dinner with my hubby! LOVE IT!!

The company bringing these products also offer different treatments like whitening sessions, whitening toothpaste, etc. The prices are amazing and the process is quick and painless!! I have sent some friends over and they have said so many great things about the whitening treatment as well as the toothpaste. I plan on trying everything they have to offer!!  🙂