bushy brows tutorial

Hey my loves! Anyone who knows me knows just how OBSESSED I am with brows. They make such a huge difference to your face, so learning how to groom and fill them in like a pro is one of the most essential beauty skills that everyone should take the time to master. And because I’m basically in love with anything brow related – whether that’s a new product or a trend – I’m always willing to experiment with the latest craze on Instagram.

From the catwalk to our Instagram feed, without a doubt, the hottest brow trend right now is bold, bushy brows. Although I have to admit, I’m personally more of a fan of chiseled brows, bushy unruly brows are making a serious come back so I thought I’d do a quick and easy tutorial for you guys.

I have to say, I was really feeling the fuller brow look by the end of the video, but if bushy brows still aren’t your thing, then check out this post on how to shape your brows to flatter the natural contours of your face. Or, if you’ve already been blessed with fuller brows, here’s how you should shape them. If you’re planning to continue your usual brow routine of filling in your brows, make sure you follow these three golden rules:

  • Start with the arch: In general, it’s best to start at the arch as this will be the darkest point of the brow.
  • Use two shades: We find that to perfect the most natural gradient, it can help to use two brow shades: you don’t want the same shade throughout your brows as this can make them look too harsh. So, use a lighter powder for the front of your brows and a darker color for the arch and tail.
  • Don’t neglect the spooley: With most brow kits or brow pencils, there will be a spooley attached. Brush your brows before you begin, and once you’ve finished your brows to remove any excess pigment and help blend the product. It’s also a really good setting tool if you don’t like using a gel; just spray it lightly with hairspray and brush through your brows.

Let me know what you think about bushy brows in the comments section.