By Huda Heidi Kattan

I don’t care where you leave, you ALWAYS need a face freshener! Something about carrying a little bottle of magic just seems to make every situation a little better! I’ve tried a TON! Everything from Avian’s classic water spray, to some very expensive “luxury” sprays. Personally I am in love with the Dr. Dennis Gross’ Hydra-Pure Smart Spray! For starters, Dr. Dennis Gross is actually a skincare brand, and second it’s an AMAZING one! But other than knowing his stuff, he actually created a really awesome freshening spray! One of the key ingredients in this spray is actually Tea Tree Oil, Cucumber extract and Aloe which are all AhhhMAZING for skin! It helps hydrate and keep skin super clear! This is definitely one of those products that every man and woman need to keep close by! It’s a purse essential!

The only thing I will say, is that the nozzle can sometimes shoot out quickly, so I always start by spraying my decolletage first, then moving to face and keeping it distant!

Do you guys want to see what’s in my bag, I’m always talking about it, but I think I should really show you guys:)

Available at Doll House Dubai in Dubai Ladies Club or online