By Huda Heidi Kattan

One question I seem to always get is about Creme De La Mer. Is it good, amazing or COMPLETELY overrated? With celebrities like Cheryl Cole, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez swearing by it, it’s got to be good right?

So I have actually only tried two products from the range, the Creme De La Mer Cream and the Cream De La Mer Moisturizing Lotion. My experiences from them have definitely been memorable, one actually left me in the emergency room.

I first started using Creme De La Mer’s face cream about 9 years ago. I was definitely a bit young for such a rich product, but I heard that Jennifer Lopez would rub the cream all over her body and this was the secret to her super soft skin. Sooo, I thought I MUST get this! I started using it for about 1 week when I noticed small bumps around my eyes. I only used a small amount of the cream so I thought there’s no way this could be from this! The bumps got worse and then really bad. After about 10 days, the bumps didn’t go anywhere and my eye actually started to droop. I FREAKED out and went to ER! They told me although my skin was really dry, the cream had ingredients that could cause serious allergies for some people (me being one of them)! So I kind of gave up on it for a while!

Then this past November I was traveling and in the Duty Free I stopped at one of the La Mer Counters. I told one of the girls my story and she said it was too rich for me and I try the moisturizer lotion. I thought why not! Luckily, this time no bumps, swelling or drooping, but then again, I didn’t really notice anything at all! The moisturizing lotion is actually SERIOUSLY rich, especially for a lotion! The only I noticed after using this was really greasy skin! DEFINITELY not something I would purchase again!

I have heard some amazing things about their serums and will try them, but their creams and lotions I recommend only if you are pushing 50!