By Huda Heidi Kattan

I was working with a client of mine the other day, one that I had worked with numerous times before and I noticed something amazing. Her skin was glowing, scar free (she had a few before), and super tight! I asked her to spill her secret! What was she using? The DermaRoller, and said she loved it! She was using it for scars, to renew her skin, remove wrinkles, and lessen her stretch marks.

This sounded a little too good to be true. Could one little simple tool, really be this beautifying? I had to try it myself! To my surprise, after the first few times of using it, my skin became super soft, and my wrinkles lessened tremendously! I HIGHLY recommend this!! For stretch marks, scars, hair loss, to tighten skin, etc!

I recommend buying the one with the smallest size needles. The discomfort is low with that one.  If you have had any cosmetic procedures, I recommend consulting with your doctor first just to avoid any complications. Make sure you use it correctly and remember hygiene! After all, you could cause an infection with those tiny little pricks!

Check out this video from Doctor’s


image credits naturallycurly