By Huda Heidi Kattan

I LOVE the idea of a short, especially when it comes to weight loss! But let’s be real, how many times does a quick fix actually work? Personally, I have never found anything more effective than good ol’ diet and exercise (genius, I know)!

Perfumery Robertet has launched a new perfume that claims it will help you lose weight! Sounds too good to be true? Well Robertet promises that with their mix of caffeine, carnitine and spirulin, Prends Moi will be your favorite new way to lose weight! According to Robertet a study done by the Centre of Biological Research and Cutaneous Experimentation showed that 70% of women actually reduced their eating habits, of course I have to wonder if these women knew that the perfume would help them lose weight (placebo)?

As much as I wish this were real (and believe me, I DO), I am shockingly apprehensive. I am not exactly rushing to my phone to order cases of this perfume! Sure caffeine is good for you and all of the ingredients in the Prends-Moi are great to help boost metabolism, but seriously, you’re not going to get the body you’ve always wanted with this perfume! You can’t just spray this on and expect your body to mold into that perfect figure you’ve always wanted. So as GREAT as this sounds, I’m not buying it.


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