By Huda Heidi Kattan

Looking for a way to add some flavor to your look? One of my favorite ways to update an appearance is to change your do! Personally, I always love changing my hair color when I want a new look, hair cuts are too bold for me, since I love long hair (I’ve had short hair in the past, wasn’t my best look)! One the hottest trends this year for hair color is without doubt Red Hot Locks and it is so easy to see why! Celebrities from brunettes to blonds all took a dip into red, with shades ranging from strawberry blond to firey red! I absolutely LOOOOVE red hair right now and I would definitely try it for a change! Keep in mind, most reds don’t keep their vibrance for too long, so if you do decide to do this look, you might need to plan some maintenance to keep the radiance there! Otherwise, it’s a great and super fun change for a short time! Love it!!

image credits zimbio