By Huda Heidi Kattan

Rihanna always has some of the HOTTEST makeup, and that’s all thanks to her wonderful makeup artist, Karin Darnell.  Karin has worked with many celebrity clients including RiRi, Katie Price, Victoria Beckham, and Heidi Klum. She’s worked with numerous magazines doing editorials and recently, she dished to Elle UK how she gets some of Rihanna’s best looks!  These are a MUST read!!

On Wearing Foundation:
“Apply foundation with your fingers and remember the key word is blend! Also, don’t over-powder your complexion. Moisture in the skin is a sign of youth. Simply blot excess oil with a tissue and dust lightly with powder.”

On Perfect Smokey Eyes:
“On Rihanna I like to blend a smoky shadow out under the lower lash line to enlarge the eyes up and out towards the temples. Again, blending is key to getting this right.  I hadn’t used this look for a while, but dipped back into it for the Rude Boy video”. Add color to your smokey eyes, claims Darnell, “For me smoky is a haze, it doesn’t have to be black it just needs to be a wash of colour. Dark lilac can still appear impactful once mascara and liner is applied. On the Rockstar video I warmed black, smoky eyes with claret and burnt orange shadows.”

On Finding the Perfect Pout (Color):
“I use a lot of rich berries on Rihanna. For the Ti Amo video I used a deep, dark berry lipstick. I then applied a berry gloss in the middle of the lip to break it up. Light in the centre, whether it’s a clear gloss or a hint of pink or red, will give dark lip colours warmth. For the new Rockstar video I used a black lip colour and warmed it up with a purple gloss, try  by Diorkiss in Blackcurrant Cream. Tough looks still need to be feminine”.

images courtesy of i-d, elle uk