By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’ll be honest, when I got the Braun Satin Ionic Flat Iron, I was not sure how well it was going to work, so I actually tested it on my sister Mona first:) After using it on her, I noticed her hair looked super shiny, so I thought I would give it a try. My hair being as impossible as it is, left me super nervous, especially considering I was leaving for an interview to Beirut the next day! I should remind you guys my hair is super dry, extremely coarse, and it is such a diva, it’s impossible to work with! I was a bit nervous, so when I tried it, I wasn’t expecting much! All I can say is OMG, shine overdose! I am in love with this flat iron, the ion technology really delivers the most healthy shine I have ever seen, my hubby even told me my hair looked really beautiful! It seriously made a difference, and it made me feel so fabulous!

The only downfall, it doesn’t get as hot as some flat irons (it only heats up to 200 degrees Celsius so I had to run it over my hair a few times to get it completely straight), which for someone who’s hair blows up into a fro when I leave the house, I thought this would be an issue. However, my hair completely was not phased by the humidity and it stayed perfectly in place even in the Dubai humidity! So even though it might not heat up as much as I’d like it to, it’s completely got me throwing out my other flat irons! I LOVE this!!!!

I actually found this on the Braun website:

“Braun has discovered that straightening with temperatures over 200°C is irreversibly damaging the structure of the hair”