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Best & Quickest DIY Blackhead Remover! (Video)

This is still one of the most effective ways to get rid of blackheads! I received this DIY from Jennifer Smiley who emailed it to me to try out (Thank you Jennifer!) 💓 Check it out and hopefully this works for you! Xx

Darlings – always be mindful of the risks in using non-conventional products on your skin. Xx

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The Top 10 Skincare Secrets we learnt from Dr Doris Day!


So if you guys watched the video on my YouTube, then I’m sure you were just as blown away as I was by world-renowned skin dermatologist Dr. Doris Day. I was extremely honored to have her in our studio (ahem…we might be a little obsessed with how cool she is) and due to all your amazing feedback about the video, we decided to put together the Top 10 Things we learnt from Dr Doris Day. Trust me, your skincare routine will never be the same again!! Continue reading

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The Skincare Secrets I learned from Dr. Doris Day!

Hey My Loves!! So I met the INCREDIBLE Dr. Doris Day while she was in Dubai, and I was blown away by how much she knows about acne, aging and skincare! Dr. Doris Day is a board certified dermatologist based in NYC that has won so many awards naming her one of the world’s best skincare expert! She’s an absolute boss in every sense of the word, which is why I had to sit down with her when I found out she was coming to Dubai! We did a fun Q&A on questions you guys tweeted while we were filming and I was soooo enlightened that my skincare routine has not been the same! I hope you guys enjoy watching this video and learn a few things you can start using!!

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Weird Makeup Primers: Lube, Laxative, or Vagisil?!

Hey My Loves!! I wanted to do a little test to see if there were any affordable substitutes for makeup primer that you can get in the pharmacy, and let me just say…things got a little weird. Besides my tried and true primers like Nivea Men’s Aftershave Balm and olive oil, I gave milk of magnesia, lube, and Vagisil (an feminine anti-itch cream) a try. Why? You’d be surprised that these products contain a lot of the same gentle ingredients like glycerin, and dimethicone that a lot of your primers have in them. So why not give it a shot? To see which ones worked out and which failed (miserably), watch the whole video and let me know what you think!

Hope you enjoyed the video! Do you use any weird makeup primers? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Ladies: Here’s How You Should Be Shaving Your Face!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Yes, you read that right! Shaving your face is actually great for your skin! It’s one of the beauty secrets of icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. It helps with exfoliating, scarring, anti-aging, and best of all, your makeup will go on so much more smoothly! I’ve been shaving my face for years, but there’s definitely the right way to do it (and no, it does not include shaving cream, and don’t even think of picking up a men’s razor!). For my how-to with all my tips on how to shave your face, check out the video below!

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My Instant Face Lift with Brian Champagne!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey My Loves! I was SO excited to have the chance to sit down with the legend, Brian Champagne, three-time world champion facialist – the only one in the world! He stopped by the Huda Beauty office to give me a customized facial. He knows so much about skin (like not going overboard with the exfoliating – guilty!). I learned so much from him!! Watch below to learn some of his other beauty tips and to see the results of my facial with him!

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