By Huda Heidi Kattan

I just love Troy Jensen! He is one of the preferred makeup artist of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, two of the biggest makeup divas, and pretty much every gorgeous gal in Hollywood. I actually saw him last year in LA and he is gorgeous and super professional! Take a look at the video below to really capture how beautiful these lashes that Troy made are! Also, check out the makeup he used to create this incredible look using Dior.


According to Troy, this is how he got the look, “I began by drawing a very thin line along the length of her brows and applied a light shimmery taupe around her eyes. I curled her lashes with an eyelash curler and added a few coats of black mascara. Then I cut into small pieces a thick spiky-style fake lash and applied them sporadically along her upper and then below her lower lash line. I used a black liquid liner to fill in the spaces along her lash line. I then prepared my flower petals. I picked off the smaller sized petals and cut them about three quarters of the end off, applied a lash glue along the edge and carefully placed them on top of the fake lashes I had applied. I would suggest using a beauty mirror so you can see exactly where you placed them, you may just want a few like 4-5 or you may want a full bloom like I did. I kept the lips pale and nude. This look for me is about being fun and unique, you can also achieve this look with feathers and paper.”

Pretty freakin awesome!  Love the look!

images courtesy of troyjensen