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My Niece Plays Makeup Artist For the Day!

By Huda Heidi Kattan

One of the best parts of coming home to Boston is seeing my niece, Mariah! She’s at that stage right now where she says completely adorable things! The other day she said to me ‘can you do a video of me and put it on Youtube so I can be famous?’ She’s so cute! Someone asked if she wanted Continue reading

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Drugstore Product of the Week!

By Huda Heidi Kattan

I can’t even believe how much makeup I have bought since I have been in the states! I’ve bought a ton from department stores, but I literally put a dent in Target’s inventory! I could spend all day there buying makeup, skin and hair products! One product that I recently bought that is AMAZING and probably the best pencil liner ever is the Continue reading

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My HAUTE Picks | Covers of the Month

By Huda Heidi Kattan


As a makeup artist, one of the biggest inspirations we have for makeup is editorial makeup that screams HAUTENESS! Of course celebrity makeup is huge, but covershoots like these make me want to spend hours in my beauty room! Which cover is your fav? Do you guys want me to do a tutorial on one of them?! Continue reading

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In the States for the Holidays!!

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my looooves!!! I am actually in the states right now! Even though it’s not 80 degrees, it feels soooo good to be in the states! I have already raided a few beauty counters including some drugstores, so I can’t wait to write about some of the awesome products I will be trying! Last year when I was here I was pregnant and had the WORST day sickness (like morning sickness but lasts alllll day, boooo:S) This time around, God Willing, I will be ok:) I will start with my beauty products that I travel with, since I LITEARLLY took half a bag of just products (I don’t travel light at all)! Can’t wait to share everything with you guys!!! I love you!!

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Rad or Bad | Slendertone Ab Shaper

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Ok, I don’t know if everyone has seen the infomercials with those people with rock-hard abs who basically get them by throwing on a belt that shocks them into shape, well I have.  And as crazy as it may sound, I thought, why not!

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t really move as much as we should! I spend so much time on the computer, that as terrible as this sounds (Alya would kill me for this), I could literally go an entire day at my desk–NOT good! So the idea is genius to me, just wear the belt and let it work it’s magic, but does it work? Continue reading

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