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Worth the Money?

By Huda Heidi Kattan

I have tried every blowdryer under the sun, or so I thought! I even bought the bedazzled T-3 (which is actually an awesome blowdryer)! Since I have been in Dubai, I have been obsessed with Conair’s BaByliss blowdryer. Not only does it neverContinue reading

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Proven: Fish Oil for Glossy Locks!

by huda heidi kattan

I’ve never been one to have gorgeous hair, and frankly, I’ve always been determined to have it! I knew that somewhere out there, there was a magic product that some genius somewhere created that would turn my coarse frizzy-prone hair into commercially silky hair that, possibly, moves in slow motion–I just had no idea that that genius was God and His magic product was fish oil!

We’ve all heard it, Omega-3 fatty acids make your hair look super-silky, but has anyone tried it? Yup! I have! I seriously cannot believe the difference in my hair from taking Fish Oil tablets every day. Not only will it give you brilliantly glossy locks, but it will also help increase growth for your hair and improve radiance to your skin! I’m not going to lie, I hate fish more than anything and the thought of fish oil in a tablet more than mortifies me. HOWEVER, this is really not bad. The taste only last a couple of seconds and is totally bearable! Honestly, this is the easiest way to becoming a sexier you, that you must try it!

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