By Huda Heidi Kattan

Scrunchie Trend Huda Beauty Blog

I think it was on an episode of Sex and the City, but whoever said scrunchies are so 1980’s may have had a point! I agree, so many trends come back and are throwbacks–and truthfully, there is nothing hotter than rocking an old trend with pride! But let’s be honest, scrunchies are not hot!! I feel like I look like my daughters playmates with this on! There’s just something too Punky Brewter about this and I’m not feeling it, buuut apparently scrunchies are making a come back! I’ll admit it’s extremely comfortable to wear, but I feel like I’m back in second grade! What do you guys think? Are scrunchies the newest trend to come back from the 80’s?

Comment below to let me know what you guys think about my look!

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